7 Tricks To Cut Lashes Shorter

7 Tricks To Cut Lashes Shorter

Are your false eyelashes too broad for you? You may trim your false lashes to fit, did you know that?

It's straightforward and quick to trim your fake lashes to match the size of your eyes.

This article suggests seven tricks to cut lashes shorter.

Gather Your Tools

Makeup experts advise trimming fresh lash strips using a pair of scissors and tweezers. Using small, sterile, and clean scissors is the first step in learning how to shorten eyelashes. You can also use clippers, but be particularly careful not to cut the lashes too short. Instead, make an incision that angles toward the center of the eye from outside the lash line. If trimming is required, do it gradually until the desired length is reached. To avoid any infections, always make sure your scissors or clippers are sterile and clean.

Trim from the Outside

When trimming your eyelashes, begin on the outer edge of the lash line and tilt the scissors in the direction of your eye's center. This will make it less likely that you may unintentionally trim your eyelashes too short. You may always go back and clip from the inside of the lash line if your lashes are still excessively long after trimming from the outside.

Go Slow

Once the lash has been cut short on the outside, begin trimming in short sections until you reach the desired length. Always remember to cut in little increments from the exterior. Your lashes will be shorter on the outside if you make too many cuts from the inside.

Make Checks

Once any excess has been removed, it is time to measure the length of your lashes. To do this, face a mirror and place a ruler or other straight edge against your eyelashes. You can further trim them if they are too lengthy. Take care not to trim them too short, though.

Shape the Lashes

It's time to give your eyelashes some shape now that they are the ideal length. Make a gentle curl with an eyelash curler. Your eyes will appear younger and more open as a result. Be sure to practice on your hand a few times if you have never used an eyelash curler before using it on your eye. You shouldn't tug at your eyelid.

The Final Trim

Using a pair of razor-sharp scissors, trim the lashes to the length you desire. Make sure to trim any extra lashes that may be protruding. If you like a more natural appearance, you can also cut the lashes gradually.

Repeat the Process for the Other Eye

Measure, mark, and cut your second pair of false eyelashes so they suit the other eye using a fresh lash strip. Measure and trim your artificial lashes in accordance with each eye rather than comparing the lengths of your lash strips. This guarantees that the lash strip fits your unique eye shapes because the size of your eyes may vary.

After using eyeliner, mascara, and other eye makeup products like eye shadow and eyeliner, apply your false eyelashes.