Are Big Lashes Suitable For You?

Are Big Lashes Suitable For You?

Have you ever heard that your eye shape dictates the lash style you should wear? Let me now explain why that is not always the case. Your eyebrow's distance from your eye controls the lash length. It will also establish which type of lashes are optimal for your eye as a whole.

If you want to wear big lashes but are unclear of the length or styles that would look best on your eyes, this article is here to help.

One thing to note is that you can continue rocking your existing style if you already have it. These are merely fashion suggestions based on what we think looks best.

Can Just About Anyone Sport Big Lashes?

The quick answer is no. Not everyone suits having long eyelashes. Depending on how near your eye is to your eyebrow.

The length of the artificial lashes might vary depending on how far the eyebrow is from the eye. So the shorter lashes should be more suitable for you if there is not much room between your eyelid and brow.

Are Big Lashes For You?

You can probably carry off any eyelash style you like, but the goal of this article is to help you draw attention to your best features so you can leave the house and speak volumes with just your eyes. Longer lashes are sexier, fuller, and will help you draw in the right kind of person. If that is what you are looking to achieve, you should have long lashes!

What are the Longest and Shortest Lashes?

Your body normally creates eyelashes that range in length from 10 to 12 millimeters. Due to the fact that only a few millimeters are added in length while also adding volume, 16mm lashes will look appealing.

The shortest lash strip we could find online measures 9mm in length, while the longest one is 80mm. Those are very long artificial eyelashes, we must say.

Most likely, you are not looking for those. The 25mm lashes are what you want. While still huge and lengthy, they provide just the right amount of drama.

Are Big Lashes Attractive?

Women with longer eyelashes look gorgeous. They aid in highlighting both the white region in your eyes and the dark ring around your eyes. When you are most fertile or during your most fertile years, the dark ring is at its darkest.


Girls, it is basic science. Your body alters to entice someone to you. To do this, you need long, thick eyelashes. We will assist you in selecting the ideal strip lash style if you genuinely want to impress someone or just look your best for any occasion.

Eyebrow Style vs. Lash Style

All types of eyes can fit all lashes. What you must consider is the eyebrow style or shape.

These eyebrow shapes go well with any lash type:

  • Rounded
  • Arched
  • Straight

These eyebrow shapes look their finest when worn with cat-eyes or flares on the outer lashes:

  • Steep arch
  • S-shaped
  • Upward
They key is that any type of lash can be worn if there is space between your brow and your eye.