Differentiating Lash Extensions And Strip Lashes

Differentiating Lash Extensions And Strip Lashes

If you are trying to enhance your eyes you have considered lash extensions and strip lashes. It is understandable because they are naturally two very good options. We all want beautiful and long leashes that look amazing while it feels as though you are not wearing anything on your lids at all. Both lash extensions and strip lashes are very popular options because they work so well! You will fall in love with the results. However, lash extensions and strip lashes are more suitable for certain kinds of needs. Eyelash extensions are individual fibers of lashes that are being attached to your eyelashes through adhesive. This is usually done in a professional setting because it takes more skills and expertise to do. Since eyelash extensions are adhered to your real lashes, it will usually last longer than it takes for your natural lashes to grow out. Eyelash extensions usually last until your natural lashes that are attached to the false lash fall out. As such, eyelash extensions usually require more regular maintenance which could be visiting the lash salon every six weeks or so. Strip lashes are usually attached to a band that is adhered to the lash line. Strip lashes are removable and it can be used a few times before it loses its volume. Strip lashes are also known as false eyelashes that can be worn at home, giving you the convenience to wear it whenever you want! Here are the differences between lash extensions and strip lashes!


Eyelash extensions can cost about $100 to $600 just to have it adhered to your lashes. The cost to maintain the lashes would cause about $50 to $60 every three to four weeks. However, if you want to keep your lashes looking full and volumized, you would likely have to go back more regularly for touch ups and maintenance. Strip lashes are more budget-friendly as there are so many different varieties and price ranges for lashes that will accommodate your budget. You can expect to pay about $5 to $60 for a pair of strip lashes, depending on the brand and quality that you are looking for. Do remember that these strip lashes are reusable which makes the average cost is about $0.50 for each wear. As such, if cost is the deciding factor to which to choose, strip lashes are the better option. Though it is true that you will have to buy more than one set of strip lashes, you will still save a lot more money than spending on eyelash extensions.


If you are looking for a pamper session, then eyelash extensions could be the option for you! It takes a lot of time to get your lashes done professionally. To put the lashes on, it takes a few hours and maintenance would take about an hour every three weeks. However, if time is something that is important to you, strip lashes are a better option as it only takes a few minutes to put the lashes on. It also takes less than a minute to remove. As such, strip lashes are more convenient and efficient.

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