Why Makeup Artists Prefer Strip Lashes Over Lash Extensions

Why Makeup Artists Prefer Strip Lashes Over Lash Extensions

It is natural to want to glam up more for a special occasion. As such, many people consider trying out eyelash extensions for their special day. There is often a debate on which is better - lash extension or strip lashes. However, it is dependent on your budget, lifestyle and eye shape. Both lash extensions and strip lashes have their pros and cons. Strip lashes often give your lashes a lot of volume and it is waterproof and sweatproof! There are eyelash extensions that last a lot longer while giving you a very dramatic look! Here are the differences between lash extensions and strip lashes that you should consider before committing to an option!

False Lashes

False lashes are the most popular option to wear on a special occasion! There are so many different styles and types of false lashes on the market that give you room to explore which is more suited for you! False lashes are often inexpensive depending on the brand and quality. The kind of false lashes that will look good on you based on your eye shape! The style of the false lashes can be based on the theme, whether it is not natural or more dramatic. There are different types of false lashes - strip lashes, individual lashes, magnetic false lashes. Strip lashes are adhered to the base of the lash line using a lash glue. There are different kinds of lengths and widths! There are full strips of lashes, half strips of lashes or just an outer corner strip of lashes to lift up your eye shape. There are individual lashes that come in very small clusters. They have a distinct ‘Y’ wispy look that is glued to the base of the lash with lash glue. Individual lashes allow you to customize the kind of look you want! There is versatility and fun in the look you can create with individual lashes. These individual lashes can be worn in different ways to suit your personal eye shape! Usually for special occasions, individual lashes are a very good option as it can be layered accordingly. You can choose where to fill in if you want more volume. These lashes are the lightest so you will hardly feel them at all! The newest kind of false lashes are magnetic false lashes! They can be reused multiple times and are less likely to make a mess while applying it. There are magnets strips that are on the band of the eyelashes. These magnets are attracted and attached to a magnetic eyeliner.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are small clusters of lashes that are attached to your natural lashes. You can decide whether you want a more natural or more dramatic look. They usually last for about four to six weeks. Lash extensions will spice your look up and give you a more dramatic look! Lash extension will give you a full and finished glam look though you are wearing minimal makeup! Some people find it irritating to have them on because you have to lay down with your eyes closed for 90 minutes.

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