Lash Shape

At Neetu Josh Beauty, we focus on the needs of our clients. We are committed to creating products that let you showcase your inner beauty so you can look your very best for any occasion. Neetu Josh Beauty is raved for our natural lashes that are among the most natural on the market. We offer a large selection of luxury synthetic lashes that are suitable for daily wear and for special events. Our all-in-one combo pack features our full-range 3D mink and luxury synthetic lashes so you have all the options in one box. If you are new to the world of beautiful false eyelashes, we highly recommend getting our combo pack so as to experiment with the different styles that each pair of eyelashes can help you create.

  • Round
  • Our round lashes help you to create the perfect doe-eyed look with tapered ends that bring focus and attention to your eyes. The lashes are natural-looking and wispy which will help to elongate the outer corners of your eyes. Round lashes will not look too overwhelming so as to prevent your eyes from looking too overdone. We recommend getting our round lashes if you prefer to let your inner beauty shine without overdoing it.

  • Flare 
  • Our handcrafted flare lashes are carefully handcrafted with multi-dimensional volume and tapered tips. They are easy to be applied and offer maximum comfort for daily wear. Flare lashes are also called traditional individual lashes which are highly similar to hair extensions, providing that natural result. Our range of flare lashes need not be applied individually onto natural lashes to save you time and effort. Flare lashes are recommended for those looking for a fuller lash look. They are thicker and longer and are ideal for big events like weddings and celebrations.

  • Wispy Lashes
  • >Wispy eyelashes look fine and feathery and they are all about the long, fluffy length. Wispy eyelashes showcase both volume and a classic look and are recommended for those with fine natural lashes or lashes with gaps. They will make your lash line look fuller and voluminous while still looking natural. Wispy eyelashes are suitable for daily wear or for a special night out. You can still pull off that luxury look without going over the top.

    Let Your Inner Beauty Shine with Lashes from Neetu Josh Beauty

    Here at Neetu Josh Beauty, we are passionate about empowering our clients to put together their best look so they feel confident every single day. Our wide lash range comprises handcrafted, voluminous, and featherweight lashes that offer optimum comfort in every application. Our synthetic lashes are made of innovative vegan fiber that is soft while also being kind to the environment. We believe in inspiring and empowering people regardless of age, gender, or race to feel beautiful while still maintaining high sustainability in our business. We take pride in standing with our diverse communities and we believe that with their support, we can grow stronger to continue delivering premium-grade products and top-notch service.

    To find the perfect lash shape to enhance your features, our team is here for you. Contact us today!