2 Types Of False Eyelashes And Their Characteristics

2 Types Of False Eyelashes And Their Characteristics

False eyelashes are a great addition to spice up your makeup look. False eyelashes emphasize on your eye make up. However, there are just so many types of false eyelashes in the market to choose from! The fun thing about make up is being able to experiment with new eyelash products to see which suits you the best. Here is an introduction of the different types of false eyelashes to choose from.

DIY Eyelash Extensions

DIY eyelash extensions are one of the newest additions to the false eyelash family. They are new and trending now. Unlike most false eyelashes, these DIY eyelash extensions can stay on your eyelash for about five to ten days. These DIY eyelash extensions are short segments of eyelashes that have an invisible strip at the base of the eyelash. Though the segments are shorter, the lashes in these segments are longer which allows the user to choose which part of their eyelashes should be longer.

These DIY eyelash extensions are for people who want to have longer and fuller eyelashes for more than a day. They are also much cheaper compared to going for actual eyelash extension services. Sometimes, false eyelashes may look artificial as the lashes sit on top of the lashes and it could be obvious. However, these DIY eyelash extensions are much more natural as there is no visible gap between the natural eyelash and the band of the false lashes, making the band hidden from sight.

DIY eyelashes usually come with glue which has to be applied to your natural lashes. Using a pair of tweezers, try to align the eyelash extension to the root of your natural eyelash.

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are the most popular type of false eyelashes in the market. The design of strip lashes is simple and easy to use. It is great for people who are still learning to put false eyelashes on. Strip lashes will provide a convenient and dramatic look for your night out. If you are looking for a more natural and softer look, strip lashes may not be for you.

Most strip lashes have a strip that is often visible as it is above the lash line. To use these strip lashes, align the strip lash against your lash line. If it does not align properly, trim the band to fit your lash line. Apply the glue to the base and allow it to dry for about 30 seconds for it to become sticky. Fit the strip lash as close to your lash line and press it in carefully.

Do ensure that the strip lash is as close to the natural lash line as possible so that there is no awkward gap between the strip lashes and your lash line. After putting it on, apply a good layer of eyeliner to conceal the lash band and you are ready to head out the door!

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