Gift Guide

There is no one-size-fits-all gift for a special someone. Some people love to cook, others like to drink. Some prefer something practical whilst others may like something that they can show off in a glass cabinet. Regardless of the personal preferences of your loved ones, we have put together a gift guide that you can refer to, to give your loved ones something they will love and appreciate.

Luxury Lashes

If your loved one loves looking their best every single day, gift them comfortable eyelashes that are carefully handcrafted to showcase that dramatic volume. You can select from 3D mink lashes to voluminous synthetic lashes in various styles and shapes to bring focus and attention to their eyes. Luxury lashes are ideal not just for special occasions but for daily wear too.

Luxury Bed Sheets

Everyone appreciates a good night’s sleep and what better way can you help support their rest than to gift them luxury bed sheets. There are many soft and comfortable bed sheets you can choose from that can range from cotton to silk to satin and more. Your loved ones will remember your precious gift each time they head to bed for that comforting sleep.

Indoor Trees

Trees add an aesthetic appeal to every space. If your loved one is someone who appreciates nature and loves immersing in the wonders of nature, indoor trees make a great gift. They are easier to maintain as compared to outdoor trees as they require lesser sunlight. They are also ideal for those living in apartment homes without a backyard or garden.

Personal Journal

Some people simply adore penning down their daily thoughts in a journal. They find it amusing to be able to express themselves in the form of writing. For this group of people, gift them a personal journal. Find one with a fun cover or something that has a meaningful message on the front to reflect your emotions toward them.


Jewelry is not just for women. It is increasing in popularity in recent times among men as well. There are complicated designs for that luxury look or more simplistic styles for daily wear. Pick a piece that speaks to you that you know your loved one will adore and wear every day. There are also matching jewelry pieces that you can present to your significant other.

Arts and Crafts

For art enthusiasts, there is no better gift than beautiful paintings or other types of artwork. You can choose to paint one which will hold more sentimental value or simply purchase one from a gallery. Depending on the genre of art that your loved one prefers, find an artwork that will please them. Alternatively, you may want to spend some money on tickets to art shows or exhibits that they have been wanting to visit.


For home cooks or aspiring bakers, get them something that they can use every day. Depending on what they love doing, you can get your loved ones premium cookware or appliances that they do not already have at home.