8 Reasons Your Lashes Are Falling Off

8 Reasons Your Lashes Are Falling Off

Your eyelashes are tiny hairs that are easily broken and snapped off, especially if they are not properly moisturized and cared for. One or two stray flutters here and there are probably nothing to worry about, but if you find many lashes on your pillow or have obvious holes along your lash line, you could worry about increasing shedding.

Check out these typical offenders below if your previously full set of lashes is missing volume; there's a high chance one of them is ruining your doe eyes.

The article suggests eight reasons your lashes are falling off.


Loss of eyelashes is significantly influenced by stress. Similar to how rising stress can cause hair loss, worrying more can have the same impact on those little lash hairs. The follicles enter the telogen stage as a result of stress, which is a dormant condition that might lead to hair loss.

Even if it appears harsh and complicated, those hairs will eventually come back. The next reaction of the hair is to stop shedding and eventually start growing again when the pressures are reduced.

Lash Extensions or False Eyelashes Irritation

It is rare to get irritation from the false eyelashes themselves, but if you often apply adhesive to your delicate lash line, you may experience one or two stray lashes.

Although lash extensions are fantastic, you must take enough time to thoroughly clean your lashes.


People who suffer from the particular illness known as trichotillomania may have uncontrollable cravings to pluck off hair from their scalp, brows, and eyelashes. It's complicated, and no two cases are the same, but occasionally, stress plays a role.

Rubbing Of Eyes

The occasional scratch probably won't cause too much damage, but repeatedly pulling on your eyes with a lash curler, makeup remover, or even your hands can hurt the skin around your eyelids and perhaps cause those lashes to come out.

Underlying Health Condition

Alopecia areata, a disorder where body hair can fall out in circular regions, and hypothyroidism should be kept in mind (where you can lose the last third of your brows).

Irritation from Eye Products

It's extremely rare, but irritating eye makeup can sometimes cause some people to lose their eyelashes (like liner, shadow, or mascara). See, lash loss isn't entirely out of the question, but contact dermatitis is particularly common around the eyes, where it frequently presents as a rash on or around the lids.

Sleeping In Your Makeup

Even the creamiest, most moisturizing mascaras have the potential to dry out the lashes overnight, resulting in scant flutters and eyelash breakage. As the stiff mascara might "crunch" your lashes against the cloth of the pillow while you sleep, it is best not to sleep with your lashes on at night.

Natural Shedding

Some people might drop their eyelashes a little bit more than others. Simply put, not everyone grows their hair at the same rate.

What Can You Do About it?

Yes, eyelashes do regrow, provided the skin on the lids is not too severely injured. Similar to growing back your eyebrows, no matter how many lash serums you apply, the hairs on your eyelashes will not come back if those small follicles are damaged by burns or scars.

You could try to quit touching your lashes as this is one of the primary causes of lash loss. Remember to carefully take off your eye makeup every night, using both your hands and makeup remover. Additionally, you should use your lash curler with extreme caution since a firm grip can easily pull hairs out of the skin.