How To Remove Glue From Eyelashes Like An Expert

How To Remove Glue From Eyelashes Like An Expert

With stunning eyelashes, attending an important event will make you feel fantastic and glamorous. It can even boost your confidence as you and your eyes become the star of the show. You know your lash glue is working hard to keep your lashes in place and make them look more remarkable!

However, taking them off carelessly can harm your natural eyelashes and eyes. We know removing glue from eyelashes can be troublesome. Still, with enough patience, you can learn to take them off like an expert without harming your eyes and eyelashes. Here are some tips on how to remove glue from eyelashes without destroying them:

Steam It Off!

Before doing any other solutions, steam can help loosen the glue well and even save you the need for using a remover. To remove the eyelash glue with steam, simply take a hot shower!

Don’t put your face directly under the shower, though. Let the steam go through your face. It should start loosening the eyelash glue. If you prefer using a steam bowl, add hot water into a large bowl and allow the steam onto your face, just like in the shower.

Use Oil-Based Makeup Remover

Oil-based makeup removers work wonders to help dissolve the glue from your eyelashes. Remove your makeup first before applying it to your eyelashes. Once done, pour some oil onto a cotton pad and slowly rub it on the glue until it comes off easily.

Invest in Eyelash Glue Remover

As the name suggests, these products are specifically made to remove eyelash glue. It’s affordable and available in almost all drugstores. Simply pour some on a cotton ball and dab the solution gently onto your eyelashes. Carefully peel the lashes away, and use another cotton ball dipped in eyelash glue remover to remove the remaining debris. 

Grab Some Baby oil

Any oil does an adequate job of removing eyelash glue. However, your safest bet is baby oil, as it’s safe for your skin. Pour some baby oil onto a cotton ball and wipe around your eyelashes, especially where the eyelash glue is. Allow the oil to sit for at least two minutes, and pull the eyelashes from the outer corner.

Use Hairspray as Your Last Resort

Remember that you should only do this if all other methods don’t work! Use hairspray sparingly and carefully, as it can irritate your skin or sting your eyes. Hairspray can soften the glue quickly so you can peel it off easily. Just wet a Q-tip with some hairspray and apply it on your lashes. Wait until the glue loosens and you can peel it off with the Q-tip.

In Summary

Learning to remove glue from your eyelashes carefully is a must before applying them. Eyelash glue may be frustrating to remove, but knowing the tips above can save your eyes and eyelashes from further harm. Remember to remove the eyelash glue patiently and gently.

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