Should You Use Magnetic Eyeliner With Regular Lashes?

Should You Use Magnetic Eyeliner With Regular Lashes?

If you want to draw more attention to your eyes, you can use your favorite falsies and let them do their magic. Achieving the sparkling eyes you desire might take extra time, but all that work is totally worth the end product. Putting fake eyelashes has now become easier. Thanks to magnetic eyeliner, you don’t need to be scared of the lash glue anymore when putting on magnetic lashes!

You might be wondering if you can use magnetic eyeliner with regular lashes. The answer is definitely! You can use magnetic eyeliner just like regular eyeliner, or you can use it to create fluent fly-winged eyeliner. However, the magnetic eyeliner won’t help attach your regular lashes because they don’t have magnets. So if you like adding a little more touch to your eyes, magnetic eyeliner is a great option.

Here’s a quick to learn more about magnetic eyeliners and how to add them to your #OOTDs.

How Do You Use Magnetic Eyeliners?

Eyeliner is a popular way to add extra length and definition to your lashes. Magnetic eyeliner is an excellent option because it’s easy to use and helps the lashes stay in place.

Still, you must use false eyelashes with a magnetic property if you wish to use magnetic eyeliner. Otherwise, you can’t use it as lash glue but only an eyeliner to embellish your eyes.

Why Should You Use Magnetic Eyeliners?

Let’s get this out of the way first: Magnetic eyeliner is so easy to use! All you have to do is take your favorite eyelid color and apply it with a magnetic eyelid brush. (We recommend black because it’s easy to coordinate with your eye makeup!) You don’t even have to hold the brush in your hand anymore! It’s so easy to use—you won’t even know you’re doing it.

What Can Get You from It?

You know those Sunday morning coffee runs where you look in the mirror and think, How the hell did I get pimples all over my face? Well, we’re going to try this: You’re going to look in the mirror and think, How the hell did I get more eyelashes?

We know it seems like a fairytale, but it’s not a lie. You get a little more eyelash extension with each swipe!

Are Magnetic Eyeliners Safe?

Some people think magnetic eyeliner is unsafe because some magnets might irritate their skin. However, this isn’t always the case. Magnetic eyeliners use magnets to hold the liner in place, so they’re easier to use and are less likely to irritate. Before buying any magnetic eyeliner, read the label and customer reviews. That way, you’ll know if it’s hypoallergenic or causes other issues to your face.

Bottom Line

It’s safe to say that magnetic eyeliners add glam to your overall look. To find out more about how to make your eyes look their best, we recommend reaching out to Neetu Josh Beauty. We offer a variety of eyelashes that will make a big difference. Good luck with your makeup journey, and stay magnetic!