Synthetic Vs. Mink Lashes: Know The Difference

Synthetic Vs. Mink Lashes: Know The Difference

Eyelash extensions have proven to be a lifesaver when it comes it getting glammed up without much makeup. However, things may get difficult when it's time to choose the right lash extension for the look you are trying to achieve as there are several types of lash extensions on the market such as mink lashes, silk lashes, and synthetic lashes, and so on. Here's a breakdown of mink vs synthetic lashes, what they are, how they compare, and how to choose between the two lashes.

What Are Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are one of the most popular falsies on the market and are so natural looking as well. Even though the cost of getting mink lashes is quite higher than its contender, its quality remains unmatched as mink lashes are made to blend with the texture of your real lashes. Our Tina 3D mink lashes have soft and fluffy strands that are not only lightweight but also durable. Because of this, you will be able to apply the falsies on your natural lashes.

There are several kinds of mink lashes available in the market for you to choose from according to your budget and taste. There's the real mink, faux mink, and silk mink lash extension and each one serves a unique purpose to fulfill your desire and what you hope to achieve with it. You get to choose depending on how long you want to wear the extensions, the kind of look you want to achieve, and the type of natural lashes you have.

  • Standard Mink

These are the real mink lashes made from the fur of mink animals. The real mink lashes are cruelty-free as it is made from the fallen fur of the animal with no harm done to the creature. This is a natural-looking type of mink lash that is lightweight, yet gorgeous.

  • Faux Mink

Faux mink are human-made vegan lashes that are slightly natural and curly depending on the length of the extensions. This type of mink lashes is an imitation of the real mink lash extensions and is low-maintenance and customizable for each client.

  • Silk Mink

This style of mink lashes is not as lightweight as the others, making it ideal for customers with weak and flimsy lashes. The lash extensions come with a curl pattern that's different from the traditional curls. This allows clients to enjoy a natural lash look regardless of the length or size of the lashes.

What Are Synthetic Lashes?

Synthetic lashes are the most common lash extensions that come in stripes or individually. You can easily pick up one at a local beauty store and apply it yourself in the comfort of your home. Our Amethyst synthetic lashes It is budget-friendly and can help you achieve a dramatic look without breaking your pocket.

What Are the Differences?

Mink lashes differ from synthetic lashes in several ways.

  • Unlike synthetic lashes, mink extensions are natural looking as they don't look glossy and shiny like synthetic lashes
  • Unlike the lightweight nature of mink lashes, synthetic lashes always come in a thicker curl
  • Mink lashes are quite pricey while synthetic lashes are budget-friendly and can be gotten as cheap as $5 per pair
  • Synthetic lashes don't last long as they are only expected to be worn once while mink lashes can be worn several times

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