The Correct Way To Curl Your Eyelashes

The Correct Way To Curl Your Eyelashes

Many people do not know how to properly curl eyelashes. We all want long and curled eyelashes as it brings out your eyes. However, we see many lash curling fails where people end up with crippled lashes or broken lashes which end up causing you to lose a few lashes in the process. Additionally, sometimes when they curl lashes, it always falls flat no matter how much you try to curl them. However, with a bit of guidance and knowledge, curling eyelashes can be easier than you imagine. When done right, it takes you about ten seconds to get your long and volumizing eyelashes. It does take some time and practice but it is certain the lash curlers will be part of your everyday makeup routine because of how effective it is! Here is the right way to curl eyelashes!

Choosing the Right Eyelash Curler

It is so important to choose the right eyelash circle for your specific eye shape. Not all makeup products or tools are one -size-fits-all. It is important to know your eye shape because it helps you find the most suitable lash curler for you. All lash curlers are made with different curves. If your eyes are rounder, you should choose a lash curler that has a stronger curve. If you have eyes that are more almond shaped or you have monolids, you should find a lash curler that has a softer curve. Choosing the most suitable eyelash curler is important so that you can get the most optimal results.

Prep and Check Eyelash Curler

Before curling your eyelashes, ensure that your lashes are clean first. You can brush the lashes using a spoolie to separate the hairs. Additionally, check whether the eyelash curler is in good shape before using. The eyelash curler should have a cushion pad to provide a buffer to your lash line. To get your eyelash curler ready, warm up the tool by dipping it in warm water or using a hairdryer to blow directly on it for a minute. Just ensure that it is not too hot for you to hold the lash curler. When it is warm, it provides the best kind of curls for your lashes. It is like a curling iron for your hair, your lashes will be more curled and the curls will stay longer.

Position Eyelash Curler Properly

Now you are ready to start curling your lashes. Keep your eyes half open or you can choose to look down. Hold the lash curler to your lashes and place it at the base of your lash line. Do hold the tool close to the lashes without grabbing any skin. Look down at the mirror to readjust if needed.

Pulse Eyelash Curler

Once you found the best position, clamp down on the curler for about five to ten seconds with purses. Make sure that you are not pinching any skin because that would hurt. Do not try to squeeze so hard, being gentle is better. Do curls two parts of your lashes, the base and the tip of the lashes because curling the base only would give you an L-shape curl.

Apply False Eyelashes

To spice it up a little, add some false eyelashes to it! You can help your natural lashes to blend into the false eyelashes by ruling the base of your natural lashes first then adding mascara to it before wearing false eyelashes. You can add on a nice thick black eyeliner to conceal the band of the false eyelashes.

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