How To Apply Lashes

Fake lashes are great to immediately amplify any makeup look. They are the secret weapon of many people who are looking to enhance their overall appearance. However, the act of applying them can be intimidating for both first-timers and beauty enthusiasts alike. Below are several tips on how to apply lashes the proper way so you can achieve maximum comfort for lasting wear.

Customize Your Fit

Some eyelashes will fit your eyelid straight out of the pack whereas others may need some trimming. To check the fit, line up the inner corner of the eyelash with the inner corner of your eye. This will allow you to see how much the eyelash extends out past your outer corner or otherwise. Getting a good fit is important so you can feel comfortable throughout the day. For eyelash bands that need trimming, trim from the outer corner only. Never trim from the inner corner as that is where the fine and short lashes are.

Curl Natural Lashes and Apply Mascara

Always prep your natural lashes before applying the fake ones. Curl your natural lashes to make sure they can blend smoothly into the fake lashes. If you do not curl them, they may stick out from underneath the fake lashes which may not look so natural. Consider applying a thin coat of mascara to darken your natural lashes so they can blend in with the fake lashes.

Apply Adhesive and Wait

Handle your lashes using tweezers or an applicator, grabbing under the band, at the center. Start by applying a layer of adhesive thinly from corner to corner. Brush-on glues are recommended but any other type of lash adhesive works just fine. Try not to get any adhesive onto the lashes even though it is not uncommon for first-timers to do this by accident. It may be hard to remove later on as they may stick to your natural lashes. After applying the adhesive, wait for at least 30 seconds before wearing the lashes. This will help the lash to better grab onto your eyelid and dry smoothly without sticking somewhere else. Do not wait too long though, as the adhesive may lose its stickiness.

Open Your Eyes

To ensure you apply the fake lashes at the exact position, apply them with your eyes open. Looking downwards into a mirror will help you to position the lashes better. The first point that is pressed onto your lash line should be the center of the fake lashes before you continue pushing in each corner. Hold down for a few seconds to make sure the fake lashes stick well.

Use Eyeliner

If your fake lashes appear a little wonky after application, do not fret as you can always cover your mistakes with eyeliner. If the fake lashes appear much higher than your natural lash line, just fill in the gap with eyeliner. Eyeliner is also effective in concealing any gaps between the fake lashes and your lash line. Depending on the angle of the mistake, you can draw your eyeliner accordingly so you will not see the band of the fake lashes that meet your skin.