5 Hacks To Speed Up Your Lash Application

5 Hacks To Speed Up Your Lash Application

It might be discouraging to have to turn away clients if you excel at producing stunning lash looks but have trouble working quickly. You must develop techniques to do your work more quickly while still being attentive and exact if you want to be able to assist more people each day.

Fortunately, with enough skill and the right accessories, you can apply lash extensions more quickly without compromising quality. The following article explores 5 hacks to speed up your lash application.

Practice Faster Isolation

Isolation is crucial for proper lash extension application. One of the most crucial responsibilities is one where precision is absolutely necessary.

Once you are certain that you comprehend the fundamentals of lash extension isolation, you may begin practicing speedier application.

Place Under-Eye Pads Well

The bottom lashes will continue to protrude from the under-eye pads before merging in with the top lashes if the pads are not completely hidden. You'll move more slowly if you separate these lashes! Fix the eye pads appropriately when you first start.

How Room Setup Can Help Speed Up Application

Utilize a lash cart next to your lash bed to set up all the supplies you'll need before you begin applying lashes. Better still, you may arrange the objects to correspond with your movements.

For accurate, efficient application, lighting is crucial. Poor, yellow light makes it harder to detect little lashes, which eventually deteriorates your eyesight. Get a powerful fluorescent studio light right away.

Purchase an inexpensive table clock and place it next to your bed so that you can monitor your progress as you complete the program (you should be able to see it easily). It might be really distracting and slow you down to check the clock on your phone.

The amount of time it takes for lash extension adhesive to dry can be extended by variations in humidity and temperature. Keep a thermometer and hygrometer handy near the base of your eyelashes at all times.

Avoid Unnecessary Movements

You shouldn't put the tweezers down until you've attached an extension. Never spin it or touch it with tweezers. After attaching the extension, you should never move it sideways to ensure appropriate placement. Move on to the next natural lash rather than taking your time to enjoy the results. You must stop routinely brushing the extensions.

Keep Brushing and Fluffing at a Minimum

Even if perfect lashes are what we strive for, there are some instances where it is advisable to forgo excessive primping and preening. Fluffing the lashes while they are applied is a procedure that frequently takes too much time unnecessarily, especially with unskilled lash artists. Furthermore, vigorous brushing might cause the eyelash extensions to loosen or impair their connection with the glue.

Make careful to record the lash mapping—including the curls and lengths—on the under-eye pads before beginning the application if you believe your excessive brushing is the result of your concern and uncertainty about the design.

Even if brushing is crucial, it is not necessary to do it every few lashes. Instead of using tweezers, complete the exercise while changing a glue drop, for instance. or if you want to review the general design once more.