Which Length Should You Get For Lashes?

Which Length Should You Get For Lashes?

When it comes to your lashes’ length, you might want to choose the most appropriate one for your style. The length of your lashes can significantly affect your overall look. Therefore, you must consider a few things before trying out all the different lengths you see in beauty stores.

You must ensure the length you choose fits your eye shape. For instance, if you have large eyes, you might want to go for a longer lash length than someone with smaller eyes. You also need to consider the type of look you want.

Are you going for a dramatic look? Or maybe try out a subtle yet natural look? Whatever you go for depends on the length of the lashes you choose. Here are a few things you need to know to find the perfect length for falsies for your eyes:

Understanding Your Eye Shape and Size

Everyone’s eye shape is unique and can affect the ideal length of lashes you choose. Many people think that longer lashes mean more volume, but that’s not necessarily the case. When you look in the mirror with eyes wide open, your natural lashes length is the best indicator of how long you’ll need them to be.

Here are some examples of eyes shapes and what length would suit them the most:

  • Almond Eyes: Wide but going narrow toward the edges. These eyes need the volume lash type. Almost all eyelash types are suitable for almond-shaped eyes, but short- to medium-length lashes work best.
  • Hooded Eyes: These eyes have excess skin underneath their eyebrows. Shorter lashes will bring out the beauty in these eyes.
  • Monolid Eyes: Most common in Asians, and their eyelids have no creases. Longer lashes with plenty of curls are perfect for a stunning look.
  • Round Eyes: These are large eyes where the white part is more visible than the rest. Wispy lashes will flatter round eyes.
  • Upturned Eyes: The outer corners of the eyes are higher than the center of the pupils. Cat- or fox-style lashes bring out the beauty of this eye shape.
  • Downturned Eyes: The outer corners of the eyes lie just below the center of your pupils. Choosing fine and natural-looking lashes with more length around the upper outer corner will balance the look of your downturned eyes.

Consider the Look You’re Going For

The length of your lashes can give off different types of looks. Shorter lashes are the best choice if you prefer a natural look. However, longer lashes are ideal if you’re going for a dramatic look. Choosing the lashes’ length depends on what look you hope to achieve.

If you want bold but natural-looking lashes, go for half lashes. Just ensure that the length of your lashes doesn’t exceed your natural eyelashes to look more appealing. Here’s a lash length general guide:

  • 8–9 mm (short): These lashes give a very natural look.
  • 10–12 mm (medium): Shows off a natural mascara look.
  • 13–14 mm (long): Great for pulling off a bolder look.
  • 15 mm and above (very long): This length is the best for a dramatic, avant-garde look.

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