Welcome to Neetu Josh Beauty, your number 1 provider of comfortable, natural synthetic lashes. We offer a broad collection of luxury vegan fiber lashes and the softest and most comfortable 3D mink lashes. Can’t make up your mind? Grab our all-in-one combo pack comprising of our full-range 3D mink and luxury synthetic lashes in just one box. Our luxury synthetic lashes are made of innovative vegan fiber that make you look good while staying friendly to the environment. Our 3D mink lashes are carefully handcrafted, voluminous, and featherweight to let you enjoy maximum comfort and softness for daily wear.

About Our Round Lashes

Our round lashes come with tapered ends that help bring focus and attention to your eyes. They are ideal for people with smaller eyes that are looking to achieve a much more natural look. Our round lashes come in beautiful patterns that help you achieve maximum volume. They are the lashes that you need for big events like a wedding affair, festive celebrations, or just a night out with that special someone. Our round lashes have the softest cotton band that provides optimum comfort in each application. They will not irritate your skin or eyes even when worn over prolonged hours. Every set of lashes from Neetu Josh Beauty is easy to apply, thus saving you time and effort without compromising appeal and quality. There are medium and bold volumes of round lashes for you to choose from to help you achieve the luxury look that you are looking for. You can also choose from synthetic round lashes and 3D round mink lashes.

How Do Round Lashes Enhance Your Eye Shape?

Round lashes help you create the perfect doe-eyed look to your makeup. They also highlight your eye’s natural lashes to complement your eyes nicely. Round eyelashes are thicker and fuller so they will emphasize the edges of your eyes while staying thinner toward the center so your overall look will not appear too overwhelming. For those with close-set eyes, round eyelashes can make your eyes pop even more, so we highly recommend round lashes to achieve that fuller look.

Why Choose Neetu Josh Beauty’s Round Lashes?

Neetu Josh Beauty is all about inspiring and empowering people to look their very best every single day. Whether you are looking for synthetic lashes for daily wear or for a special occasion, we have just the right type of lashes for you. Based on your eye shape, you can select from our wide range of products to suit your personal needs. We strive to help you achieve the beauty results that meet your expectations, thus we continuously work towards improving our product range so you get to enjoy maximum value in every purchase. At Neetu Josh Beauty, we believe that true beauty comes from within but putting together a luxury look will help us build our confidence and increase our self-esteem.

Unlock your inner beauty with our round lashes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.