The Proper Way To Apply False Eyelashes

The Proper Way To Apply False Eyelashes

If it is your first time trying to apply false eyelashes, it can be a bit tricky to make them look good. However, the effect that false eyelashes give to your eyes looks amazing! It makes your eyes pop and your eye makeup shine. The false eyelashes will glam up your look and make you look more presentable and mature. Mastering the art of applying false eyelashes will take some time and practice but it is possible! It often sounds easy and looks easy to do, however, it can be difficult for first timers. Long feathery eyelashes are the trend right now but eyelash extensions can be a lot more tedious and expensive to do! As such, it is good to get a good brand of false eyelashes to do at home instead. Here are some simple steps you can take to apply false eyelashes!

Prepare Supplies

Before you start applying your false eyelashes, you should ensure that your supplies are within your reach. It would be a disaster if you are missing your tools in the midst of applying your false eyelash. You will need some strip lash adhesive so that the lashes can stick to your lash line. Additionally, you need a pair of good quality false eyelashes! It is a good idea to ensure that you purchase a brand of false eyelashes that you trust or have many good reviews. Some false eyelashes can cause sensitivity to the eyes so checking the brand and doing some research would be a good idea. To apply, you need slant tweezers. Ensure they are within your reach before applying.

Trim Eyelash Strip

Before applying the false eyelashes, measure the eyelash strip to your lash line and trim off the excess so that the eyelash will fit perfectly on your eyes. Instead of throwing away the part of the eyelash that has been trimmed away, you can use it to stack on the outer corner of your eyes to make your eyes pop more. You can choose to apply the extra strip to the part of the eye that you wish had more volume.

Apply Lash Glue

Do not apply the lash glue on the false eyelash and stick it on immediately to your eyelids. You need to apply the lash glue to the band and bend the false eyelashes to ensure the glue does not make the band too rigid. Wait for about 30 seconds for the glue to dry but do not leave it too long. The glue should feel tacky and not wet. You can bend the strip to make the two ends of the eyelash meet, distributing the adhesive to the ends to ensure it does not lift when you wear them.

Look Down and Apply

Instead of closing your eyes to apply, look down instead as doing so changes your eye shape. Use your tweezers to adjust the position of the eyelashes. After which, use eyeliner to help camouflage the band of the false eyelashes. They ensure that it looks less obvious that you are wearing false eyelashes.

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