What Eyelash Glue Is Right For You?

What Eyelash Glue Is Right For You?

When we think about false eyelashes, we often think about eyelash glue. We all want an all-around eyelash glue that works wonders for every user and is affordable. However, there is no one eyelash glue that can satisfy or meet the needs of every user. Luckily, eyelash glues that are produced today are made with different variants for different conditions to suit more people. It can be difficult to choose the right eyelash glue with many different variants available in the market. It may be a little overwhelming if you are just starting out to wear false eyelashes. It can also be expensive to keep trying new eyelash glues to find one that is suitable for you. Although many people just consider the strong retention of eyelash glue, it is important to consider that the glue can contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. As such, do look at the ingredient list carefully before purchasing. Here is how you know which is the right eyelash glue for you!

Suitable for Your Pace

Not all eyelash glue takes the same time to dry. It is important to note that the drying speed of the glue is proportional to how fast your hands are. If you are more experienced with using false eyelashes, you would be able to put the lashes in the right position to your liking at an efficient pace. When you choose a quick drying glue, you have to move quickly as it can dry up before you attach the lashes on. The lashes may even stick together if the glue takes too long to dry up. As such, you should choose a glue with a longer drying time if you are new to false eyelashes. If you are starting to feel comfortable with the process of putting on false eyelashes, you can pick a glue that has a faster drying time.

Consider the Style and Volume of Lashes

The type of glue that should be used is also dependent on the volume of the lashes. Naturally, if the lashes are thicker and have lots of volume, it requires a stronger glue. It may even require a glue with a special formula. The thickness and the volume of the lashes can be compromised if the glue dries very slowly. As such, it also requires quick hands and the use of a fast drying glue. As such, if you are a beginner, it is not recommended to try out thick false eyelashes at the start. You can start with more natural lashes and move on to more dramatic ones once you are comfortable with the process of putting on lashes.

The Role of Humidity and Temperature

It is important to note the environment that you live in as it directly impacts how effective the glue is. Eyelash glue often contains cyanoacrylate which is an active ingredient that holds the individual lashes in place. When the weather becomes humid, it activates cyanoacrylate. Humidity will then directly impact the drying speed of the glue as well as the retention of the glue. If it is more humid, the lash adhesive will dry a lot faster than usually which can cause poor retention. With lower levels of humidity, the glue will not have enough moisture to cure. This leads to sticky lashes and can even cause allergic reactions. Do ensure that your products are stored properly.

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