Tips For Applying Lashes If You Wear Glasses

Tips For Applying Lashes If You Wear Glasses

Applying false eyelashes can be challenging even when you are not wearing glasses, but if you do, you will understand the daily struggle between wanting to look glamorous and wearing false eyelashes and the challenge of finding the right pair that will not appear compressed or out of place behind your glasses. You no longer need to live in fear of what the future holds because of the fake lash life that exists after glasses, thanks to this post!

Top False Eyelash Tips for Glass Wearers

  • Is it customary to apply mascara to false eyelashes? You very certainly can! Before putting on your false lashes, give your natural lashes one layer of mascara. This will reduce the possibility of leaving unsightly mascara stains on your lenses and prolong the life of your false eyelashes. If you must use mascara on your fake lashes, wait until it is fully dried before donning your spectacles.
  • While applying the glue to your lashes with your glasses on, perch them on the end of your nose. In this manner, they are out of the way as you apply your adhesive and you can see down through them easily.
  • If the lashes you choose are a bit too long and are touching your glasses' lenses, softly curl them to make them fall back naturally.

Three different types of artificial eyelashes will be covered below, along with some helpful advice to make your life a bit easier.

Pre-Glued Lashes

Do you find it challenging to put on your glasses while measuring up your lashes, applying the glue, and trying to apply your lashes in an odd manner? Pre-glued are for you if you said yes to the question. This type of lash gives you the satisfaction of skipping the messiest aspect of applying falsies, plus it eliminates the inconvenience of having to clean the glue off your lids and try to save your lashes for a second go if you do not get the fit just right.

Accent Lashes

In the false lashes community, accent lashes have long been a solid favorite, and they make great additions to any makeup kit. They are simply applied to just the outer corners of your lash line, saving you the time and stress of worrying about how to trim fake lashes. Without being constrained by your glasses, you can style your lashes to seem as natural or dramatic as you like.

Short Individual Lashes

Why not try some individual lashes if you are searching for lashes that will give you a fuller lash look without the commitment and inconvenience of a strip lash? Applying individual falsies may seem a little intimidating, but it does not have to be. While we do not advocate using a full set of them every morning, they do give you the option to fill in any gaps in your natural lashes and to develop your own personal style. By preventing the squashed impression of the lashes behind your lenses, the shorter individual lash style will also lessen the obvious indication that you are wearing falsies.