Understanding Your Lashes Diameter

Understanding Your Lashes Diameter

The breadth or thickness of a single lash is the diameter of a lash extension. Millimeters are used to measure the diameter. Knowing the diameters of your lashes will help you maintain your lash health by not weighing down on your natural lashes and it will show you how many lashes to use in each fan. Greater diameters weigh more, whereas smaller diameters can weigh much lesser. When it comes to volume lashing, the bigger the fan possibilities, the lighter the lash.

Knowing Your Lashes Diameter

The diameter of the lashes should be taken into consideration while selecting them for a volume set. It determines how wide the lash is. An extension gets thicker and heavier as the diameter increases. The most popular diameter for Classic Application is a .15. Although .18 and .20 are occasionally used, they are not advised due to their weight. The acceptable diameter can be higher than the narrower diameters of lash extensions used in volume lashing since only one lash extension is applied to each natural lash.

You should use lashes with considerably smaller diameters because volume lashes often have 2 to 10 lashes per fan. For volume lashes, diameters between .03 and .07 are suitable. Your natural lashes and the desired aesthetic will determine the diameter and number of lashes in each fan you use. It takes more than basic arithmetic to create a volume lash with the right weight. To determine the ideal number of lashes, you cannot just divide the diameter of a volume lash by the diameter of a classic lash.

It is essential to understand the weight of lashes based on their thickness. Although it is simple to assume that two .10 lashes weigh the same as one .20 lash, this is not how lash weight works. The following is a list of the weight of each lash thickness that you can refer to:

  • .03 diameter - .0003 mg
  • .05 diameter - .0006 mg
  • .07 diameter - .0010 mg
  • .10 diameter - .0015 mg
  • .15 diameter - .0029 mg

As you can see, it is not possible to achieve the weight of one .15 classic lash using two 0.07 volume lashes. It would be three or four. When applying volume lashes, you should consider how much volume you require for lash coverage and the proper weight of lash for your natural lashes.

The natural lashes may suffer if you add too much weight, which you can determine by the diameter of your lashes. The natural lashes could be yanked out and hurt, or the lash extensions might fall off easily. Your objective is to achieve the ideal balance for your lashes.

What is Volume Lashing

One natural lash is covered with many lash extensions using the volume lashes technique. Volume eyelash extensions offer a high degree of customization to help clients attain their ideal look. You will have a fuller, fluffier lash line after using this lashing technique. Volume lashes, like any lash extensions, ought to last as long as your natural lash cycle with good care. Usually, this spans 4 to 6 weeks. We advise getting an infill every two to three weeks to prevent your lashes from looking like patchwork as they grow out.