Applying False Eyelashes To Curly Lashes Like A Top MUA

Applying False Eyelashes To Curly Lashes Like A Top MUA

It can be challenging and frustrating to apply artificial eyelashes to naturally curly lashes. Here are several easy tips you can use right now that will not harm your eyes but will make applying eyelashes considerably simpler.

Curly Lashes

What results in curly lashes? African American women tend to have curlier lashes, but many other races are also endowed with this lovely trait, therefore it is most likely because of your particular genetics.

Applying Falsies to Curly Lashes

  • First, use a clear mascara and apply to the eyelashes, which will function similarly to hair gel on your hair.
  • Heat up a disposable mascara wand with a blowdryer.
  • Before continuing, hold the mascara wand on your arm to ensure there is no excessive heat that may burn your eyelid.
  • Use the mascara wand to brush the hairs in the direction of your undereyes.

By using this technique, you can temporarily relax and straighten the lashes, making it easier to attach false eyelashes. Though this makes it simpler to apply the falsies, your natural lashes will ultimately restore their curl.

Why Use False Eyelashes

  • Complement Real Lashes

Falsies are good for your natural lashes in addition to the effect they have on how you look. False eyelashes work as a substitute for mascara because they lessen the influence on your natural lashes, allowing them to grow thicker and healthier. Mascara can leave your lashes weak and brittle.

  • Wear-Proof Makeup

Faux eyelashes can prevent you from streaking your eyeliner or mascara on instances where your emotions are likely to be easily provoked. This is particularly helpful while attending sentimental events like weddings or when watching a moving film.

  • Less is More

False eyelashes might come to your rescue on days when you want to look beautiful without wearing a lot of makeup. By simply lengthening and coloring your lashes, they accentuate and define your eyes to draw attention to your greatest features.

  • Suitable Material

There are many different types of false eyelashes, so you can choose the one you like wearing the most. Human hair, mink, and plastic are frequently utilized as fake eyelash materials. However, human hair and mink are your best bet if you are going for a realistic appearance.

  • Skip Morning Rush

Are you sick of applying makeup quickly, especially in the morning when you frequently lack the time? With the help of false lashes, you can now look more attractive in just half the time, helping you better manage your time—especially in the morning.

  • Extra Pizzazz

When you need to go above and beyond, you can count on your fake lashes to make an even bigger impression than when you are wearing your regular makeup. When you want to, you can simply turn heads with your false lashes.

  • Draw Attention
You can be certain that your natural appeal will be highlighted as false eyelashes enhance the structure of your face and give your eyes and their shape more dimension. That implies never having to worry about your problem areas because people would only focus on your natural assets.