What’s So Special About Handmade Eyelashes?

What’s So Special About Handmade Eyelashes?

Are you getting ready for a special occasion? Your eyes are the window to your soul, and handmade eyelashes are the perfect touch! They look so natural that it’s almost undetectable. If you’ve been looking in the mirror and want to give your eyes the makeover it deserves, try putting on eyelashes.

Eyelashes made by hand are inexpensive pieces to add a unique look to your eyes. They’re made from silk, horsehair, and even naturally shed mink hair. The best part? You can apply it at home, provided that you have the right tools. Continue reading on how to show off those beautiful eyes with the help of handcrafted eyelashes.

What Are Handmade Eyelashes?

Lash technicians usually create tailored eyelashes during appointments. They make handmade lashes by removing several extensions from the strip and applying them to the client using adhesive glue. Sometimes, technicians make eyelashes for their clients before the appointment to save time.

What’s different about these eyelashes is that they’re carefully made and are fully customizable, depending on your preferences. Lash technicians can control the right length, diameter, and weight to give you a comfortable and stunning look.

What Makes Handcrafted Eyelashes Different from Premade Eyelashes?

Handcrafted eyelashes are fully customizable, depending, of course, on how you like them. On the other hand, premade eyelashes are the opposite. It has little to no flexibility to tailor to the look you’re going for. Even lash technicians don’t have control over premade eyelashes.

Although premade lashes are faster and easier to apply, they may be costly in the long run compared to eyelashes the technicians make themselves. In other words, these lashes offer more retention and flexibility and look more natural at a more affordable cost.

How to Apply Crafted Eyelashes

No time to visit a lash technician? With patience, practice, skill, and our Got You Covered Accessories Kit, you can apply and style your lashes at home. The tools you need for these eyelashes are specifically made to make applying them easier.

Here are some ways you can apply crafted eyelashes:

  • Customize your lashes to fit your natural eyelashes.
  • Curl your natural eyelashes and apply mascara.
  • Apply glue to your eyelashes.
  • Using tweezers from our kit, hold the lashes and apply a thin line of glue with a Q-tip.
  • Press the lashes onto your eye lines and wait until it’s completely dried.
  • Apply eyeliner to hide the strip and touch it up to how you want your eyes to look.

Where to Get Quality Handcrafted Eyelashes

Whether you’re getting ready for a party or want to stay home and look stunning, our eyelashes are always an excellent choice to spice up your look. They also minimize the damage to your natural lashes and offers exceptional quality.

As handcrafted lashes are carefully made to fit the look you desire, it’s always best to consult an expert. They can answer any question or concern you have regarding these lashes. Contact us at Neetu Josh Beauty to learn more about eyelashes! We offer a comprehensive catalog of natural eyelashes that accentuate your beautiful eyes.