What Are Lash Infills & Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Lash Infills & Why Do You Need Them?

It’s no surprise that you can’t help but fall in love with your first set of lash extensions after getting them. It instantly enhances your overall facial features and makes you feel more confident. They make you glamorous and fashionable. Hence, you want to do more to keep them beautiful for a long time. However, you don’t just put on eyelash extensions and expect them to stay there for life. You still have to maintain them.

Suppose the thoughts of eyelash extensions got you occupied. In that case, you’ve probably had eyelash extensions or are planning to get them. But before you get extensions, you need to know what lash infills are and why you need them. So why should you start using them? Keep reading to find out!

Importance of Lash Infills

When you get lash extensions, they look good for the first few weeks. But your eyelashes have a natural process of shedding. Over time, the extensions start to wear off, which you must replace. This is why getting additional extensions every now and then is essential to keep your lashes looking glamorous.

These lash extensions are single sheds of eyelashes that you or a technician inserts to complete the procedure. We highly recommend an infill appointment to restore your extensions and make them look fuller. It won’t take long and is usually inexpensive. The process replaces the lashes that have fallen out.

How Does It Work?

After your primary treatment, you’ll need infill treatments to keep your lash extensions full and looking their best. Infill treatments add extra filler to your lashes after your main treatment and keep them looking full and natural.

The lash stylist will remove lashes that have grown long and started to look fake. They peel them away from your natural lash so you can put new fake lashes on top. The stylist will dab some glue onto the extension and apply it near the natural lash line. The glue helps keep your original lashes healthy and in place. Every two to three weeks, an infill is necessary to fill in any areas that look sparse or have lost their extensions.

How Often Should You Have Them?

Infills are recommended every three weeks for people with thick hair, but this can vary depending on your growth rate and amount of hair shedding. If you’ve had a full set of hair extensions, we strongly advise having an infill done at three weeks. But some people may choose to have an infill at four weeks.


Like everything else in your beauty routine, you need to consider how your lash extensions fit into your life and how they can benefit you. It’s good that you’ve learned more about infills with this blog post.

But suppose you’re still unsure or even opposed to adding lash extensions to your beauty care. You can try 3D mink lashes and luxury synthetic lashes at the moment. You can also check out Neetu Josh Beauty and contact us to learn more about our beauty products.