Busting 3 Common Myths About False Eyelashes

Busting 3 Common Myths About False Eyelashes

If you're new to artificial eyelashes and want to learn more about how to use them in your cosmetic regimen but were perhaps deterred by anything you heard or read online, this article is for you

Everyone should feel comfortable using false eyelashes as part of their cosmetic regimen. In today’s post, we will dispel three common myths about false eyelashes so that you can rest assured when you add them to your beauty routine.

Artificial Eyelashes Always Look Unreal

Despite its name, artificial eyelashes do not have to look artificial. To prevent that, look for natural lash collections and those made of varying lash materials.

It's critical to apply artificial eyelashes correctly and comprehend the components, thickness, and length of your natural lashes in order to prevent them from being too dramatic and, in this instance, fake. It's important to know your natural lashes' length and form as well as the shape of your eyes in order to select the right pair of fake eyelashes for the no-makeup look.

This lash myth has been disproved by the ability of false eyelash technology to mimic real and organic hair, whether they are groups, strands, or solitary lashes. Artificial eyelashes that are natural in appearance have evolved to meet a variety of needs and fashion preferences. With the right set, application, and lash accessory toolkit, your fake eyelashes will enhance your cosmetic appearance and seem natural on your eyes.

My Eyes Will Appear Smaller if I Wear False Eyelashes

This is a widespread myth in the lash business. The truth is, every set of eyes can make an impression with the appropriate lashes.

How much of your eye's sclera, which is the white area around your iris and eyelids, is visible will determine how tiny they appear. Round eyes provide the appearance of bigger eyes, whilst almond-shaped eyes give the appearance of smaller eyes. The illusion of a larger eye is greater the more prominent the individual's sclera is. There is no one-size-fits-all cosmetic product, which implies that each eye shape will benefit from a particular makeup appearance.

Bigger eyes are not the only method to achieve an impressive eye makeup look while wearing artificial eyelashes. The greatest choice to accentuate your eyes if you have what you would describe as "small" eyes is to get a set of natural lashes.

False Eyelashes Will Cause My Eyes to Appear Uneven Because I Have Uneven Eyes

Your eyes and eyelashes are sisters, not twins. Uneven eyes occurs more frequently than you would think. Using cosmetics is the quickest and most effective technique to attain the greatest results if concealing the difference in your eyes is vital to you.

False eyelashes may smooth out or conceal uneven eyelids when applied with a steady hand. Trimming the lash band of each strip lash to match each eye shape can assist to balance and conceal uneven eyes. Depending on your eyes, thickening the liner on one eye may help to level out the other.