Do strip lashes ruin your eyelashes?

Do strip lashes ruin your eyelashes?

We all want beautiful and full lashes! As such, we consider trying out some eyelash extensions of strip lashes to enhance the look of our eyes. Strip lashes are extremely popular and trendy these days! However, in the process of debating whether we should try out strip lashes, we definitely have considered if these strip lashes could ruin our natural lashes. It is a valid concern because we do not want to have very thin and little eyelashes because of wearing strip lashes so often. It is understandable that if you want to volumize your eyelash or give it a lengthening effect, you should opt for strip lashes. They are so affordable and made in great quality. There are so many different styles and brands to choose from in the market! Strip lashes are often easy to wear and great for those who are starting to learn how to put on false eyelashes. Many people do not find that strip lashes can potentially harm your natural eyelashes because it is dependent on the process of applying and removing.

The Application Process

Strip lashes can potentially ruin your eyelashes because it is dependent on how you choose to apply your lashes. It is also the eyelash glue that can potentially cause the most harm. Using eyelash glue that you have yet to research about could potentially harm you. You should always check the ingredient list before purchasing the product. Some eyelash glue is packed with chemicals that can cause irritation to your eyes. Choosing cruelty-free or vegan eyelash glue are safer options. If you realize you are allergic to the eyelash glue, do opt for latex-free glues. As such, before purchasing a set of strip lashes, do some research on the eyelash glue you would purchase first. When you purchase one, you should alway test out the eyelash glue on your forearm for a few days before putting it on your eyes. Additionally, when handling the eyelash glue, do ensure that the glue does not get into your eyes. Being alert while putting on your lashes is important. Do ensure that you wash your hands before you touch your eyes and the lashes. The main risks of wearing strip lashes is having allergic reactions or an infection which can be due to hygiene reasons as well. Additionally, if you are rewearing your strip lashes, you would have to clean them thoroughly, by using alcohol wipes, before using as it can cause an eye infection!

The Removal Process

The removal process is usually why your natural lashes could be ruined by strip lashes. Many people just pull the lashes off when they are done using it. This will then cause your natural lashes to come off with it. As such, you need to give your lashes some tender loving care and remove them gently. You can use a makeup remover to dissolve the glue before removal. Remove the strip lash from the outer corner to the inner corner of the strip lash gently. If you remove it properly, your natural eyelashes would not be ruined.

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