Getting Voluminous Lashes With These 5 Easy Steps

Getting Voluminous Lashes With These 5 Easy Steps

Long, thick eyelashes are very probably a woman's deadliest weapon and they are nevergo  out of style. We will demonstrate how you can acquire them.

Amazing lashes are a major confidence booster and the ideal finishing touch for any appearance (otherwise, why would we glue strange hair strips to our eyelids?). We will do whatever to acquire long, glossy lashes, but occasionally it comes at the expense of our natural lashes' wellbeing.

Whether or not you choose to wear mascara, the following guidelines will help you get voluminous lashes every day.

Body Nourishment

You must take great care of your eyelashes if you want them to look amazing. The key to healthy hair of any kind is diet. Your diet should be high in fatty acids, particularly essential fatty acids, which your body cannot manufacture on its own but are required for hair growth, protein for the development of keratin, and other critical vitamins.

We advise consuming plenty of salmon, passion fruit, chia seeds, walnuts, kiwi, whole grains, and other high protein and/or high EFA foods.

Eyelash Nourishment

You should nourish your body, but you should also nourish your lashes. You must deliver the "meal" to the source if you want your eyelashes to grow healthy, full, and long.

A combination of necessary fatty acids can also be directly applied to the skin around the eyelashes by using the right products. These important fatty acids can trigger your body to naturally manufacture prostaglandins, which will instruct dormant hair follicles to begin growing once more.

Gaining new eyelashes can give you a complete, sexy appearance. Additionally, because your lashes are stronger, applying or removing mascara will not be as likely to break them.

Curl Lashes – The Right Way!

Your eyelashes MUST be curled. Curling not only lengthens the lashes but also gives the impression that your eyes are wider open and awake. The distinction is profound.

BUT – make sure to do it right!

We advise avoiding the cheap lash curlers. Why are they so inexpensive? They will probably twist or fall apart while being utilized, causing your lashes to be pulled out in the process. Choose a midrange ($10–$20) lash curler from a trusted manufacturer.

Prep Lashes

When using mascara, you can preserve your lashes by doing the following to get them ready to be "painted":

  • Dust a light layer of translucent powder or eyeshadow over your lashes.
  • Use a professional primer on them.
  • By coating and shielding lashes from mascara's harmful effects, priming them also improves the "stick" of the mascara, resulting in longer wear. Additionally, priming will temporarily increase the volume and length of lashes.
  • When using primer, apply one coat only to the top lashes and wait one minute before adding more.

Apply Mascara

When you are prepared to apply, be sure to complete it properly. We can guarantee that this step is when the best or worst result occurs based on personal experience. If you do it correctly, you will appear to have a million real eyelashes. If you do it incorrectly, you might end up with around 3 clumped-together eyelashes.