Is It Good To Put Vaseline On Your Lashes?

Is It Good To Put Vaseline On Your Lashes?

Vaseline included, no petroleum-based substance may accelerate or thicken the growth of eyelashes. However, Vaseline's ability to trap in moisture does have some advantages for eyelashes, maybe giving them a fuller, healthier appearance.

There are several safe ways to moisturize skin, hair, and even the delicate eyelid and lash skin using Vaseline. The article discusses whether it is good to put Vaseline on your lashes.

About Vaseline

One hundred percent pure white petrolatum is used to make Vaseline. Since its discovery in 1859, it has become a dry skin need in many American homes.

Although petroleum jelly is commonly associated with the brand Vaseline, you may also get this product under other brand names. Some of them could also contain other substances like water or aroma.

Benefits For Using Vaseline

Vaseline is quite inexpensive, especially when compared to more expensive skin care items. A little bit goes a big way since you only need a tiny bit. Vaseline may be applied on your eyelashes and lids for a variety of reasons.

Vaseline is an occlusive material, which means it creates a coating on the skin's surface and efficiently prevents moisture loss to keep skin moisturized and healthy. It is therefore advantageous for very dry skin.

However, because it stays on top of skin, it could not work as a moisturizer for the face or eyelids before wearing makeup. Consider applying Vaseline to your eyelashes in the evening or right before bed if you intend to use it for eyelash maintenance.

Your lashes may also seem longer and fuller if you apply a tiny layer of Vaseline to the tips or the base of your lashes. Vaseline might be a safer technique for you to moisturize your eyelashes if you have sensitive skin or diseases like eyelid dermatitis or blepharitis.

However, because Vaseline isn't sterile, see your ophthalmologist before using it if you're prone to eye infections.

How To Use It

Here is one method for coating your eyelashes in Vaseline.

  • Make sure there is no filth or residue left behind after properly washing your hands. This will assist in keeping bacteria-free eyelids and eyelashes.
  • The same way you always do it, gently and thoroughly clean your eyelids. Make sure there is no soap, mascara, or other residue on your eyelashes.
  • Place a tiny quantity of Vaseline on a clean cotton swab
  • Your top and lower eyelash lines should be gently treated with Vaseline
  • Using the other side of the cotton swab, apply a little bit of Vaseline to your eyelashes. Blinking while applying the cream will ensure that it covers your whole eyelash line. This step can be repeated two or three times for each lid.

You'll likely still have Vaseline on your eyelashes and lids the next morning if you do this in the evening or just before bed. Makeup remover or warm water on a fresh cotton swab or washcloth can be used to gently remove it.