Reusing False Lashes: How Many Times Can You Do It?

Reusing False Lashes: How Many Times Can You Do It?

False eyelashes are great for providing volume to your lashes while lengthening it and enhancing the shape of your eyes. False lashes are becoming very trendy and popular because they suit anyone and any eye shape well because of the variety you can find in the market now. There are so many options of lashes you can choose from depending if you want a more natural look or a more dramatic and loud look. However, the thing about false lashes is whether it is okay reusing false lashes and if so, how many times can it be reused. For some of us, false lashes are a staple or essential in our makeup routine so at the end of the day, we often remove the false lashes and leave them around or throw them away. This ruins them and prevents you from reusing false lashes. However, you can actually reuse your false lashes. It just takes more effort to do so. Here is what affects the lifespan of your false lashes!

The Material

There are different types of false eyelashes that are made from different materials. The materials are usually either natural or synthetic. Natural materials include animal or human hair while synthetic materials include faux mink or synthetic hairs. Synthetic lashes usually have a shorter lifespan. Though you may give it the proper care, you can get about four to five uses from synthetic lashes. However, for natural lashes, you can reuse it more than 20 times. Natural lashes are more realistic compared to synthetic lashes as they mimic the look and material of natural lashes. They are much lighter and finer compared to synthetic lashes. Human and horse hair are from natural materials which allows you to constantly reuse them. The shape that natural lashes give you is better as they can hold its shape well, making your lashes look amazing all the time! Synthetic lashes can be made from silk and faux mink which provides a softer and more natural look.

Price and Quality

The costs of the false eyelashes are dependent on the quality of the materials used to make the lashes. Natural lashes do last much longer so it is a worthy investment if you were to wear it often. Mink lashes are on the higher end because the quality is also much better. Human and horse hair lashes are cheaper but if you are willing to put in some effort to care for it, it will be able to last longer. Synthetic lashes are usually more affordable but that is also because it lasts for a shorter period of time.

Type of Glue

Just like how there are so many different brands and types of false eyelashes, there are also many types of eyelash glue that are available in the market. There are glue with strong adhesive that can dry fast but requires a particular solvent or lash remover so that you can reuse your lashes. Doing this will damage the fibers in the lashes which gives them a less dramatic or fuller look in your second use. Do try to opt for a higher quality glue to prevent them from getting damaged.

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