Wearing Mascara With Natural False Lashes: The Do's And Don'ts

Wearing Mascara With Natural False Lashes: The Do's And Don'ts

When it comes to mascara and artificial eyelashes, there are many of myths. Many people assume that the two shouldn't be used together, deceiving you into thinking that you must pick only one of the goods. Here are some do’s and don'ts on how you should be applying mascara and artificial eyelashes since, when done properly, they may complement one another.

The Do’s

It is suggested that you apply a light coat of mascara to your lashes before applying fake eyelashes. The falsies stick to your natural lashes easily as a result, and the lash band and lashes seem more seamless as a result. Cutting your strip eyelashes to perfectly match your eyes will help you get the most natural look. Learn how to properly clip false eyelashes.

After putting on your artificial lashes, finish your look by applying mascara as usual to your bottom, real lashes to give off a wide-eyed impression. Additionally, you might apply it on your eyelashes.

Always wait until the mascara is totally dry before placing your natural lashes on top to preserve the life of your fake lashes. Additionally, nobody likes panda eyes or mascara that is damp and smeared!

The Don’ts

Waterproof mascara is difficult to remove and is made to last all day. You must really massage the synthetic lashes firmly to remove any residue. As a result, your false eyelashes can be damaged and become unusable.

Never use thick mascara to your artificial lashes since it could be difficult to remove. Your lashes can turn out looking clumpy because you weren't able to get the ideal appearance. You may try combining mascara and lash extensions!

We are aware that whether or not to apply mascara on fake lashes is a personal decision. We never suggest customers to use mascara directly on fake eyelashes in order to prevent damage to the lashes, especially more sensitive types.

This lessens the possibility of the lashes being reused. The appearance of the falsies may also be affected by causing the lashes to clump together. It's important to bear in mind that all types of artificial lashes, including mink, faux-mink, and magnetic lashes, may be used with mascara.

Gently peel off the false eyelashes and mascara before removing your eye makeup as usual. This is how you should remove artificial eyelashes and mascara. Use an eyelash glue remover to maintain your lashes clean and ready to be used often. Don't let the sticky residual glue spoil your lashes.

Do not tug, jerk, pull, or twist your eyelashes. If you want them gone, schedule a professional removal so they may be taken out securely. Otherwise, you risk damaging your natural lashes and developing baldness.

Never immediately apply artificial eyelashes. To have wonderfully long, glossy, and natural-looking lashes is the main point of wearing fake lashes. False eyelashes should always be trimmed to the length of your lash line before wearing. They will draw down over your eyes if you let them hang over, which will not look good at all. Make careful to cut your falsies from the outside corner and not the inside when you measure the length of your lash line.