Why Strip Lashes are better that Eyelash Extensions

Why Strip Lashes are better that Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions and strip lashes are all the rage right now! Both lash extensions and strip lashes are amazing ways to enhance the look of your eyes. However, some prefer one over the other simply because it suits their lifestyle and budget better. False lashes often give off beautiful and natural looking lashes that are usually waterproof and sweat proof.

Strip lashes are usually lashes that are attached to a band which would be adhered to your lash line. Strip lashes are also known as falsies or stick on lashes. The best part of strip lashes is that you can choose to apply strip lashes whenever you want and remove it in an instant. Eyelash extensions are individual lashes that are being adhered to your individual natural lashes, as such, these extensions are a longer lasting option.

Eyelash extensions can give you the big dramatic look you want or a natural chic look! Here are the pros and cons of lash extensions and strip lashes you should consider before committing to either one!

Strip lashes

Strip lashes are amazing because they can be reused a few times before it loses its density. Strip lashes are very affordable and great for people who are worried about costs. You have the luxury to choose many different styles from many different brands to see which is more suitable for you and your eye shape.

You can usually spend about $5 to get a pair of strip lashes from your local drug store. Additionally, strip lashes can last a while! Having two sets of lashes could actually last you the entire month. Strip lashes are very easy to apply as it only takes about five minutes to put it on. The strip lashes have to be trimmed to match the length of your lash line and then adhered to it using lash glue.

The removal of strip lashes is simple. To remove, gently tug the end of the strip lash and work your way into the inner corner of the strip lash. Compared to lash extensions, there is no waiting time when you wear strip lashes. You do not need to wait for the glue to cure before you are able to do activities like swimming or taking a shower. You can even remove your lashes when you are doing these activities, just to care for these lashes better, and put them back on after. Good quality strip lashes are handmade which are made from high grade quality materials like Korean Silk which is very light and comfortable!

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions require regular maintenance to keep the lashes looking full and dense. Eyelash extensions are a lot more expensive as it can cost about $200 just to apply these extensions on. On top of that, the regular eyelash maintenance will cost about $50 every three or four weeks. Eyelash extensions usually come from different materials. The most popular materials include synthetic, silk, or faux mink. These lashes are so much longer and lighter, but it also costs a lot more.

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