5 Tips To Prevent Natural Eyelashes Loss

5 Tips To Prevent Natural Eyelashes Loss

Eyelash loss is a common problem in beauty care. If you notice a few eyelashes falling, this is normal. Like your hair, your eyelashes fall out and eventually grow back after several weeks. Even so, this isn’t always true for everyone. Some people may experience excessive falling of eyelashes, while others won’t. If you happen to be struggling with eyelash loss, don’t worry—it’s not the end of the world yet! Preventing eyelash loss is easy and cost-effective.

Want to flex your natural eyelashes instead of artificial ones? In this article, we provide you with tips to help you keep your lashes long and healthy. All you need to do is follow this guide to keep them from falling out.

Remove Makeup without Damaging Eyelashes

Sleeping with thick mascara and synthetic eyelashes isn’t a good habit in your beauty routine. Makeup won’t damage your eyelashes. But if it stays on your face for a long time, it may lead to a lash fallout.

Don’t be too rough on your lashes! Always clean your face at night with oil-based makeup remover, and make sure you do it gently. To remove makeup, you can use various oils such as almond, castor, coconut, and olive oil.

You can easily find these oils in most households, and they work just as well as your regular makeup remover. Doing this keeps your beautiful eyelashes and eyes safe and bacteria-free.

Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can harm your eyes. Overexposure results in excessive eyelid skin and eyelash loss. Stay in the shade when you’re outside, and use good-quality sunscreen. You might also want to wear sunglasses for extra protection!

Put Your Eyelash Curler Away

You can complete your makeup look with lovely eyelash curls. Even if it makes your eyes look more attractive, you should tone it down a little. Repeatedly clamping down your lashes eventually weakens them, and your eyelashes can break off. Experts say it’s safe to curl your lashes daily if you use a clean curler and avoid too much pressure.

Drying Agents Are the Answer!

You can’t “trick” your eyelashes back into place. When you lose your eyelash hair, you must take care of your eyelids to make them smooth and hydrated. You have to plan your new dryness-fighting routine and find an eye cream that perfectly suits your needs. You might want to consider using vaseline to moisturize your eyelids.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

On top of the beauty care you have outside, you should also extend this effort inside. A balanced diet may help you achieve healthy and faster eyelash growth. If you don’t have the proper nutrients, your lashes may be less healthy and easier to break.

Nuts like almonds, peanuts, and macadamias are excellent foods for keeping your lashes healthy. They contain vitamin E and all the proteins your body needs to keep your lashes strong.

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