What To Do If You're Allergic To Lashes Glue?

What To Do If You're Allergic To Lashes Glue?

Do you often feel that your eyes are irritated after you remove your false eyelashes? This could be due to an allergy to lashes glue. This remedy is for you if lashes glue causes an allergy! Always prioritize safety when it comes to cosmetics, so before choosing an adhesive, be sure to read these suggestions.

The article provides a guide on what to do if you are allergic to lashes glue.

What are the Possible Causes?

If you find that you are reacting to your eyelash glue, the absence of eyelash maintenance might be the issue. Make care to clean your eyelashes with lukewarm water and gently soap it after every wear. Since exposure to glue may result in an allergic response, never use petroleum jelly, wax, or another chemical along the lash line. Examine the fake lashes to determine whether they are clean if wearing them irritates you.

Do not exchange them with anybody to avoid cross-contamination and possible fungal or bacterial infection. If you do experience pain, take off your eyelashes right away and remove the glue using a cotton ball or pad bathed in warm water and a light makeup cleanser.

If you are confident on your eye hygiene, then it could be the lash glue’s composition that is causing your allergies. Since latex and formaldehyde have a strong grip on the lashes and don't dry out as soon, they are commonly found in adhesives. Because some people may be allergic to these chemicals, wearing fake eyelashes might cause eye irritation.

Cold Compress

Although this is more of a Band-Aid than a therapy, a cold compress might help during an allergic reaction to lash glue. Don’t have an ice pack? Improvise with a bag of frozen peas or whatever you find in your freezer.  

Cortisone Cream

This cream is a topical antihistamine that can help in minor situations with glue and lash extensions. You may also opt for a little dose of cortisone cream if you experience discomfort, redness, or irritation. Over-the-counter purchases of this cream are available.


If you experience itching, irritation, and/or inflammation along the lash line, Benadryl is a quick relief. It is therefore fantastic for people who have a sensitivity to adhesives. It will help to minimize hypersensitivity to substances used during or immediately after the lash consultation. Unfortunately, nothing will be able to heal someone's intolerance to eyelash extension glue.

Urgent Care

Only minor symptoms may be managed at home, and in a few uncommon circumstances, it would be preferable for the client to see an urgent care center or a doctor to find out whether or not you need to have your eyelash extensions removed.

What to Look Out for in an Eyelash Glue?

For those who often suffer from irritated eyelids after using eyelash glue, it might be time to research on a lash adhesive that is safe for use for sensitive eyes. Ideally, you should choose a formaldehyde and latex-free lash glue. With an all-natural ingredient list, these lash glues are often gentle enough for those with sensitive skin so that you can bid goodbye to itchy eyes and eyelids after taking off your beautiful lashes.