Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Applying Mink Lashes

Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Applying Mink Lashes

Without a doubt, the demand for mink lashes on the market is undeniably high. Anyone who has experienced the glam that comes with the application of our Zooni 3D mink lashes is unmatched as it offers soft, fluffy, and natural-looking lashes to enhance the look of your eyes. However, this is only achievable with the proper application of the lashes. There are several common mistakes people make when applying mink lashes and these mistakes can ruin the look and even the pricey lashes. Below are mistakes you need to avoid to achieve a gorgeous look and preserve your lashes from damage.

Not Using the Right Amount of Adhesive

The first mistake you need to avoid is using too little or more adhesive glue than you are required to use for the application of the lashes. Make sure the glue you purchase for the application of your mink lashes is from a reputable brand. Once you have the right effective glue at hand, ensure that you apply the right amount of it to keep your mink lashes intact. Not applying enough can cause the lashes to pop off.

Using Colored Adhesives for Your Eyelashes

Also, ensure that the glue is a white adhesive that becomes transparent once it becomes dry. Avoid using colorful adhesives that are visible from a distance.

Not Blending Your Mink Extensions Using Mascara

It’s alright to assume that you do not need to use mascara to blend your mink lashes with your natural lashes because mink lashes look natural. However, don't make that mistake. No matter the texture and curly nature of your mink lashes, ensure that you blend it to your natural lashes after application. This will make them look even more natural and gorgeous. After applying your mink lashes, be sure to apply a layer of mascara on them immediately.

Not Trimming the Extensions

When you buy mink lashes, you can expect them to come in different sizes and lengths. You don't have to apply them in the same length that they came in. You can easily adjust their size by trimming them down with the scissors from your lash accessories kit to fit your eye size, especially if the strip is longer than your eye size. Wearing a lash size that's bigger than your eye size will cause a level of discomfort. Additionally, you won't get the natural look you ought to get with mink lashes. However, avoid cutting them too short as that can ruin the whole set and you will have to purchase another one.

Not Curling Your Natural Eyelashes

Thinking you don't have to curl your natural lashes because mink lashes have a natural curl is wrong. Don't make that mistake when applying your mink lashes as that can prevent the mink lashes from blending with your natural lashes properly.

Placing the Extensions Too far From Your Lash Line

Most beginners always make the mistake of placing the lash extension too far from their lash line. You should avoid making the same mistake if you don't want your lashes to feel uncomfortable and visible from a distance. When you place your lashes too far from your lash line, you won't get a natural look from the application.

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