Cleaning Mink Lashes: How To Do It The Right Way

Cleaning Mink Lashes: How To Do It The Right Way

Because of their durability and realistic look, mink lashes are the real deal in the lash world. Our Naina 3D mink lashes are expected to last for a long time and be reused up to 25 times if maintained properly to retain their shaggy curls. Proper maintenance of mink lashes includes proper application, removal, and cleaning. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean mink eyelashes before reusing them:

Step One: Get the Necessary Tools

Before you begin the cleaning process, it is important to get the necessary things in your lash accessories kit that you will need to clean the lashes after removing them. For the cleaning of your mink lash extensions, you will need:

  • Q-Tips

These are gentle handlers that come in both pointed and rounded tips to help you hold on to the lash band and lashes gently without damaging them.

  • Tweezers

These are tools that can help you peel off old glue from your lash band easily. You can use either sharp-ended, dull-ended tweezers, or both.

  • Baby Wipes

This will come in handy to help peel off old glue from your lashes easily and can also be used to clean the tools after the cleaning process.

  • Paper Towels or Wash Cloth

You’ll need a clear surface to work on during the cleaning process. Using a paper towel or washcloth is a good way to avoid making a mess with your cleaning product as they will help to absorb them.

  • Small Spray Bottle

Running water on your mink lashes can disfigure the shape and ruin the curls. It's best to use a small plastic spray bottle to sprinkle water on your lashes to rinse them after the cleaning process.

  • Micellar Water

This is a great tool for dissolving glue from the lash band as it is gentle on the skin and won't irritate your eyes. Likewise, it will not damage your lashes.

Step Two: Remove All Glue From the Lash Band

  • Apply micellar water to the end of the q-tip
  • Apply the water to the lash band gently
  • Remove most of the glue on the lash gently with your tweezers
  • Do not hold the lashes by the actual lashes while cleaning them. Instead, hold it by the band.

Step Three: Use the Baby Wipes to Remove Remnants of Glue

  • After taking off most of the glue, it's recommended to use baby wipes to remove remnants of glue from the lash band.
  • Apply a little more pressure for the step but make sure you handle it gently
  • Avoid rubbing the wipes close to the lash tips

Step Four: Use a Spray Bottle to Sprinkle Your Lashes

  • Add lukewarm water into the spray bottle
  • Sprinkle water on your lashes using the spray bottle
  • Make sure you do this step gently to prevent messing up the curls of mink lashes

Step Five: Dry and Store Your Lashes

  • After rinsing your mink lashes with the spray bottle, allow them to air dry
  • You can also use tissues to speed up the drying process
  • Store your lashes in a clean, dry storage case with a curved mold

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